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Construction Traffic Management Plans

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Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs)


If your project involves substantial building work such as the demolition of a house or excavation for a basement, you will most likely require a document that details how the construction traffic associated with the development will be managed.


ADL Planning has been preparing comprehensive Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs) for our clients for several years. We have an excellent track record of success. We have dealt with complex issues such as listed buildings, mews properties with restricted access, full site demolitions and narrow roads.


Each council has a slight different name for these documents from a Construction Management Plan in Westminster to a Logistics Plan in Hammersmith. Whatever the name, we can provide you with a first-class report that will meet your particular Council's requirements. 

Each document includes:

  • A written report in the format requested by the relevant local authority,

  • Routeing plans,

  • Vehicle tracking plans using AutoTrack,

  • Site set up and layout plans

  • Parking arrangements and suspension plans,

  • Hoarding and scaffolding plans.

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