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The planning system can seem like a minefield of red tape and contradictions. Our experts will listen to your needs and develop a strategy to help navigate you to success. We will keep you informed every step of the way with clear and concise information.

A large proportion of the work we do is advising clients on the development potential of a site including prior to purchase. Typical enquiries include:

  • Can a house be extended?

  • Is planning permission needed?

  • Can a site be developed for their intended purpose?

  • Would a change of use be allowed?

To answer these questions, we conduct a thorough site appraisal looking at factors including:

  • Is it a listed building?

  • It is in a conservation area?

  • Previous planning history for surrounding sites/properties,

  • Relevant local development plan policies.

We are then able to advise on the options that may be available, helping to devise a workable strategy and always seeking to add value.

If you have further questions or require clarification on your individual circumstances, please do get in touch.



If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being in receipt of a refusal from your local council and wish to explore your options for an appeal, ADL Planning can help.

At ADL we always view an appeal as a last resort due to the lengthy delays the appeals process can bring to a project. It may be that with a few minor adjustments, your application could be resubmitted to the Council for their approval saving you the time and expense of the appeals process.

If that isn't possible, we would be delighted to provide a quote for preparing an appeal for you. We have helped many clients challenge their refusals with an overwhelming success rate at appeal.

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