"For the last 24 months, ADL Planning have been our planning consultants on an extensive residential refurbishment project in Kensington. Due to her in-depth knowledge of the planning process and consistently sound advice, the interaction with RBKC has been as smooth as possible and we have relied on her recommendations (which were always spot-on) on countless occasions ahead of putting applications in. She also supported us in a successful appeals process. Working with Anna has saved us a lot of time on a highly complex and challenging project. Anna is extremely professional, swift and reliable and we never hesitate to pass on her details when asked about planning consultants."

Mr and Mrs T, W8

"Our initial extension plans were submitted through our architect. We were very disappointed when they were rejected by the local planning office. We have known Anna for a while and asked her for help in appealing the decision. She took us through the process making everything easy to understand even for the layman. Her whole approach to our project was very professional and we felt very at ease dealing with her. Her appeal documentation and presentation was excellent and the appeal was upheld meaning we can now extend the family home as we had hoped. Thank you Anna for your help and guidance and we look forward to inviting you round for a drink once the building work has been completed."

 Mr and Mrs W, Merseyside